Guidance for Families

If you are not accessing Rise services but worried about a child or need advice and support for coping with anything affecting your child's emotional or mental health, there are different ways to seek help.

  • Speak to your GP
  • Speak to the school about your concerns
  • Visit one of our community hubs

For advice on specific treatments and conditions, please visit the NHS website.

Are you already accessing Rise and continue to be concerned?

If you are accessing Rise but still concerned please get in touch with the local office so they can get in touch with the clinician in charge of your case. If you continue to be concerned please contact our PALS/Complaints department.

Online Resources for Families 

We will be building a library of resources for families and if you would like to make a suggestion for other families, please do get in touch for us to put forward for approval via

Young Minds - For children and young people

Finding my nearest Relate service

Helpful Books

Helpful Information Packs

Helpful Parenting Programmes in Warwickshire

Helpful Parenting Programmes in Coventry

Coventry Family Information Directory

Coventry Leisure Activities  Directory for 12-19 year olds

Coventry Positive Parenting Programme


Adult Mental Health 

It is really important that families look after their own mental health. Sometimes when a child or young person experiences mental illness it can have an impact on the people caring for them. Children and young people will often look up to their parents/carers and if they see you managing your own mental health it may encourage them to do the same. By looking after your own mental health, you will be more able to look after your child/young person with their difficulties.

If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing then you may want to discuss this with you GP. You may also find some of the websites below useful:




Mental Health Foundation

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Books on Prescription for Warwickshire


NHS Mental Health Page

NHS App Page

Sam Anxiety App


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