Guidance for Professionals

If you would like to speak to us about a child or young person you would like to refer to Rise, please contact the Rise Navigation Hub on 0300 200 2021. We can arrange for you to have a consultation with a mental health clinician within the Navigation Hub. Please note you are also able to get in touch with the Primary Mental Health Team, who can provide wider training for professionals around identifying and supporting mental health needs in children and young people. You can get in touch with them either through the Navigation Hub or directly to the Primary Mental Health Team on 02476 961 476

If you believe the concern to be more low level please refer to the guidance and resources section here.

Rise referral forms can be found here.

Have you already referred to Rise and continue to be concerned?

If you have referred to Rise but still concerned please get in touch with the Rise Navigation Hub on 0300 200 2021.

For advice on specific treatments and conditions, please visit the NHS website

Resources for Professionals


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