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MHST (EMHP stands for Education Mental Health Practitioner)

MHST members and their bios
Photograph of Siobhan M

Siobhan M
Clinical Lead

I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and have worked in different teams within RISE before joining MHST in 2023. As clinical lead I support the team in all aspects of clinical delivery from 1-1 sessions with young people to clinical supervision. I’m really excited to be a part of MHST and to support its growth over the coming months.

Photograph of Louise D

Louise D (She/Her)
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner

I’m Louise. I am one of the Specialist Practitioners, having joined the team not long after it started but I began working in Mental Health many years ago! My role involves supporting the development of the service across all our localities. Outside of work I love a good box set, “running” (not sure anyone else would call it that, I’m so slow!) and seeing my lovely friends and family who keep me going!


Cally L
Service Manager

Coventry (1)

Coventry Team members and their bios
Photograph of Mike G

Mike G
Team Lead

Hi I’m Mike and I’m a Mental Health Nurse. I’ve worked with young people since being a teenager running drama workshops. I still really enjoy helping people to be happy; both young people and my work colleagues.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing games and to relax I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Photograph of Belle W

Belle W

Hey hey! My name is Annabelle but you can call me Belle. Before becoming an EMHP I did a lot of youth work. I love baking, contemporary dance and watching Marvel movies. I really enjoy working with children and young people and look forward to meeting you soon!

Photograph of Shamus A

Shamus A

Hi my name is Shamus, a lot of people call me Sham or Shams.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, gaming and looking for the next big thing to binge on Netflix. I love to try new foods and try to choose something different on a menu, which I sometimes end up regretting!

   Photograph of Husna B

Husna B

My name is Husna and I love creativity like doing art in my free time.

Photograph of Olivia

Olivia (Liv) C
Trainee EMHP

Hi, my name’s Liv and I’m a trainee EMHP. I’ve worked with young people since I was a teenager myself when I was a dance and musical theatre teacher. I’m passionate about supporting young people to reach their potential and live happier lives. On a typical weekend you’ll either find me spending time with my family, trying to find something new to watch on Netflix, or trying out new recipes and hoping nothing burns!

Photograph of Kirstie

Kirstie A
Trainee EMHP

Hey there! My name is Kirstie and I am a trainee education mental health practitioner (EMHP). I have worked with young people and mental health since I left university, so it’s something I am super passionate about! In my spare time, you will probably find me either on a rock face or in my garden – I love rock climbing and looking after all 40 of my house plants. Fun fact about me – I can do the crab, but don’t ask me to do it if we ever meet!

Photo of Emily D

Emily D (She/Her)
Senior Mental Health Practitioner

My name is Emily, I am a CBT therapist and a Mental Health Nurse. I love working in this role as I find it so rewarding to support young people to overcome challenges and difficulties using CBT. In my spare time I like to spend time with my rescue dog Paris, whether its cuddling on the sofa watching Netflix or out walking in the fields.


Annie M
Trainee EMHP


Senior Mental Health Practitioner




Rugby Team members and their bios
Photograph of Ara D

Ara D
Team Lead

Hey, I’m Ara and I have been a nurse for a very long time and have lots of grey hairs to prove it. Before coming into the mental health world, I thought I was going to be a star. I’m all about living life in a way that makes you happy, doing the things that fulfil you and being around people that uplift and empower you to be your best self.

Photograph of Vicky M

Vicky M (She/Her)
Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Mental health is so important for all of us and I couldn’t imagine myself working in a different field. What helps with my mental health is… animals, sunshine, tennis, food (cookie dough and McDonalds!!!), and family/ friends ❤

Photograph of Jameire V

Jameire V (She/Her)
Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Hello! I’m Jameire. Supporting children and families is something I have always been passionate about. Outside of my work, I enjoy taking dance classes in tap and contemporary to help with my own wellbeing. My favourite colour is orange and my go to meal is a good roast dinner.


    Photograph of Jon H

Jon H (He/Him)

Hi, I’m Jon! I recently completed a MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have gained valuable experience working alongside young people. I mostly spend my sparetime socialising with friends, gaming, or with my Cavapoo, Betty!


Photograph of Alex H

Alex H (She/Her)

Hello, I’m Alex! I love working with mental health and spreading its awareness where I can. When I’m not working, I love to travel (anywhere and everywhere) and spend time with friends.

Photograph of Sam M

Sam M

Hi, I’m Sam! I am so passionate about helping young people with their struggles, and am so glad I get to do so alongside such a great team of people. Outside of work I love watching films, collecting records and exploring the great outdoors!

Photograph of Jyoti V

Jyoti V

Hi my name is Jyoti! I'm a big advocate for mental health awareness, and have always had a big passion working with children and young people in all walks of life. I studied Psychology at University. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so shout out to my fellow Slytherins!! I also love watching a bit too much Netflix, and going to the cinemas quite a lot. If you don't find me there, I spend the rest of my time at lots of concerts!

Photograph of Alison G

Alison G

Hello, I am passionate about mental health and love supporting children, young people and their families to lead happier lives. To support my own wellbeing I enjoy walking my dog, roller skating, and I am learning French and how to play the piano :-)

Photograph of Sue K

Sue K (She/Her)

Hi! I'm Sue. I have always loved working alongside children, young people and their families to offer help and support wherever I can. Before coming to this role, I was a primary school teacher for over 20 years, so I have lots of experience of this. I live with my husband, three children and our cat. I love cooking and food related trivia. I am currently in the process of perfecting my curry making skills! I also like going to gigs and eating out.

Photograph of Sarah W

Sarah W

I am Sarah. I am a EMHP for the Coventry and Warwickshire Trust. I think it is an absolute privilege to be able to help children and young people to support their mental health.

I love all things Disney and love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with a Disney film! When I am not watching Disney, in my spare time you will find me in my craft room where I love to make new things! My favourite thing to make is handmade cards!

Photograph of Ben S

Ben S
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner

My name’s Ben, I have worked for the Trust for over 10 years - starting as a healthcare assistant and I am now a CBT therapist. I love supporting and helping people to live happier lives. I also love dogs and going holiday.

Photo of Charlotte L

Charlotte L

Hi! I’m Charlotte, an EMHP in the Rugby Team :). I love working with young people and their families. Building mental health awareness and improving access to support is something I am very passionate about. Outside of work I like reading, playing board games, travelling, and buying too many house plants and books.

North Warwickshire (1)

North Warwickshire Team members and their bios
Photograph of Charlotte F

Charlotte F

Hi, I’m Charlotte I like going out for dinner and being at the seaside. A weird fact about me is I collect Percy pig items!

Photograph of Fallon

Fallon H (She/Her)

Hi I’m Fallon. I’ve worked with children and families for nearly 20 years in nurseries, schools, health visiting teams and now I’m in the mental health in schools team.

I’m very chatty andlove to get to knowpeople. I have 2 kids,2 cats and a husband.I love football and music.

Photo of Ame B

Ame B (She/Her)
Senior Mental Health Practitioner

I’m Ame. I love getting a coffee or hot chocolate and exploring new places. I do yoga to relax and keep active and I like to be around people who make me laugh.


     Photograph of Jo-Anne

Jo-Anne S
Trainee EMHP

Hi, I’m Jo-Anne and I am part of the Mental Health in Schools Team. I am passionate about supporting children and young people, as well as their families, with their mental health and wellbeing. I studied Psychology at university and graduated in 2021. In my spare time, I love spending time with my dog, Chester. I enjoy reading and being creative with art and crafts. I am also a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so shout out to my fellow Gryffindors!

Photograph of Sarah T

Sarah T
Trainee EMHP

Hi, I’m Sarah! I am training to become an Education Mental Health Practitioner. I enjoy supporting children and young people to learn new skills and reach their goals. Before joining the team, I worked as a primary school teacher and led the whole-school approach to wellbeing at our school. Outside of work, I like walks in the countryside, playing piano and spending time with my family and friends. I also play flute in a flute choir – it’s lots of fun to play together in a group.

Photograph of Casey D

Casey D
Trainee EMHP

Hello, my name is Casey, and I am a Trainee EMHP within the Mental health in schools team. I love to be outdoors, whether that’s camping, kayaking or a gentle walk. I am a passionate baker, I enjoy making all sorts of goodies such as cookies, cakes, pastries and scones. It’s definitely my favourite pastime, and if you haven’t already guessed my favourite show is bake off.

Photograph of Louise H

Louise H

Hello, my name is Louise. Before joining the MHST, I used to be a primary school teacher and worked in a Special Needs School too.

In my spare time, I like cooking,baking and drawing or anyactivity where I can be creative.I also really enjoy travelling because I love exploring new places.

Photograph of Matt C

Matt C
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner

Hey, I am Matt and I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist within the team and a registered Social Worker. I am very passionate about working in Mental

Health and I have worked with Children and Young People for a number of years. I enjoy Hiking and drinking Coffee. I love football, especially watching Aston Villa, even when we lose.

Photograph of Joe L

Joe L
Team Lead

Hello there, my name is Joe. I am a nurse, and I am passionate about supporting people, when they are happy, or if they are sad or worried, and I also love helping people do their best at work. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my friends, helping out at Church, playing musical instruments, and I have recently started Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, to keep me happy and healthy.

Photograph of Zoe R

Zoe R (She/Her)

Hello, my name is Zoe. I love being outdoors with friends and family, exploring new places!


Sophie M
Trainee EMHP

South Warwickshire

South Warwickshire Team members and their bios
Photograph of Emma T

Emma T (She/Her)

Hello, I’m Emma and I joined the MHST in September 2021. Before joining the team, I studied psychology and children and young people’s mental health at university.

I enjoy going out for dinner with family and friends and watching Netflix and Formula 1.

Photograph of Anna

Anna B (She/Her)

Hello, I’m Anna! I loveworking with young people to help them feel happier and more able tomanage any challenges that come along. I love travelling and lived in Australia for a year, where I appreciated the heat but missed my family dog!


      Photograph of Rob D

Rob D
Team Lead

Hello my name is Rob, I am Arts therapist by background and have worked with young people with mental health difficulties in a variety of settings including the community, inpatient hospitals and primary, secondary and special schools. I believe that early intervention is key to the prevention of mental health difficulties and I’m passionate about working together with schools to help them support young people and their families. I enjoy Football, Rugby, films and listening to audiobooks.

Photograph of Anna B

Anna B

My name is Anna and I live locally with my husband and two children. I find children and young people inspirational and it is a privilege to be working within the RISE team. In my free time I absolutely love visiting new places, being outdoors with my own children and being creative!


Photograph of Kirsty L

Kirsty L (She/Her)

I’m Kirsty! I love being able to support children, young people and their families to live happier lives, and also working within such a lovely team.

I studied Psychology and Criminology at university, where my passion for helping others really grew (as well as my fancy dress box!) When I’m not in work, I enjoy being around my friends/family, playing the piano and annoying my dog 24/7!


Sam S
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner





North Warwickshire (2) (16-18yrs Service for North Warwickshire)

North Warwickshire Team members and their bios
Photograph of Bethany S

Bethany S

Hi, my name is Beth. You are most likely to find me outdoors, exploring new places or walking my sausage dog, Saveloy.


Photograph of Natalie R

Natalie R
Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’ve been working in the NHS for four years, initially training as an EMHP. Prior to that, I was a primary teacher for 25 years. I love the outdoors and enjoy travelling to new places, practising karate and spending time with my daughter.


Photograph of Palvir S

Palvir S

Hi! I’m Palvir, but everyone calls me Pally. I’ve worked in the field of mental health and education since I was at University where I studied Psychology. I like to go out and socialise with friends and family, try new things and eat new food. I also like to relax at home with Netflix, enjoy my garden with my cat or watch mixed martial arts.




Photograph of Nola

Nola T

Hi, I’m Nola. I have joined the team after qualifying as an EMHP in January 2022.

Supporting and working with children and young people has always been a passion of mine. Before becoming an EMHP, I was a secondary school PE teacher for 10 years and love to play and watch sport. This summer I watched the Netball at the Common Wealth Games in Birmingham and am hoping to go to Paris in 2024 to watch the Olympics. I also enjoy travelling around the world, getting to experience different cultures and meeting new people and use to lived in Tanzania and Dubai.


Photograph of Matt G

Matt G (He/Him)
Team Lead

I used to be a chef, so I like cooking/baking and my partner likes to eat so he encourages this! I also enjoy reupholstering furniture, singing in the shower, and top hats and bowler hats (they should make a comeback soon!). I also like blue cheese and marmite - but not together (however blue cheese and pears together make a good combo!).


Coventry (2)

Coventry (2) Team members and their bios
Photograph of Helen R

Helen R
Team Lead

Hi, my name is Helen and I am a qualified children’s nurse and also a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (School Nurse). I have a passion for early intervention and prevention for young people’s mental health, having worked in this field for a number of years. I love being a team leader and supporting colleagues to deliver an amazing service. In my spare time I love shopping, caravanning and being with my family, friends and my Frenchie ,Nahla. I have also just taught myself how to crochet as a mindfulness activity.

Photograph of Josie K

Josie K (She/Her)

Hi, I am Josie! I like running, painting, reading and going for walks in the countryside. Before I did this job, I enjoyed teaching science in a secondary school but please don’t hold this against me.

Photograph of Lisa R

Lisa R
Trainee EMHP

I love to be active, so my spare time is mostly filled with either walking hills and mountains or Latin dancing. I have recently discovered paddleboarding, which is now my new favourite thing!

        Photograph of Sarah H

Sarah H
Trainee EMHP

I’m Sarah and I love animals, shopping travelling, spending time with family and warm weather. I am very passionate about mental health and helping children and young people.

Photograph of Sophie M

Sophie M
Trainee EMHP

Hello, I’m Sophie. I am extremely passionate about empowering children, young people and their parents/carers with the knowledge and skills they need to look after their mental health. Before joining the MHST I worked as Pastoral Lead in a primary school for 13 years. I am married with two young daughters and love spending quality family time together. I also love online shopping!

Photograph of Abi AM

Abi AM
Trainee EMHP

 My name is Abi. I enjoy going for walks, listening to music, sewing, painting, writing and making things. I love all things DIY and enjoy learning new skills, like how to lay carpet or fix a wobbly toilet seat! I could definitely use these skills if stranded on a desert island - feel free to ask me how! A question for you - if you could be any animal, what would you be? You can tell me your answer when we meet. See you soon!




Dominic G


Aman R
Senior Mental Health Practitioner