Top tips to help you look after yourself and feel better

Sometimes life can get difficult. People can feel sad, anxious, confused or angry. It's important for you to look after yourself and try to make yourself feel good.

The following things can help cheer you up during these hard times. Try them when you are experiencing these difficult emotions:

 Family and Friends

  • Be around friends and steer clear of bullies
  • Spend time having fun and doing things you enjoy
  • Have some time out when you are feeling frustrated, go to your room or somewhere quiet to chill out
  • Go to someone in your family, a friend or someone you trust for a big hug
  • Talk to your family and friends about your problems or when you are feeling sad, worried or even angry (talking face to face is better than on an computer or via text message).


  • If something or someone is making you angry, tell someone else and try to walk away
  • If someone or something is irritating you, try to breathe deeply and slowly, or consider counting to 10 before responding
  • Write a letter to the person that has made you feel upset or angry, but don't send it, this may help get your emotions out.


  • Walk your dog or play with a pet
  • Draw a picture or just scribble loads of colours on paper!!
  • Write a song
  • Do some relaxation
  • Write a diary of how you are feeling
  • Listen to some music that makes you feel happy, sing and along to it. Avoid emotional songs that make you feel low
  • Read a book
  • Have a long bath or shower and pamper yourself
  • Give yourself some space


  • Eat a balanced diet of 5 fruit and vegetables a day, drink plenty of fluids. Have enough protein and carbohydrates and try not to have too many fats and sugars
  • Eat tasty food; small treats can be good
  • Ask to have your favourite meal for dinner sometimes
  • Try some cooking, or bake a cake

Sleep & Memories

  • Have a good night’s sleep, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Try and keep your room quiet with little distractions and don't do anything too mentally stimulating before bed e.g. going on Facebook or watching a scary film
  • Look at old photographs from fun times with people who are important to you and think about the happy memories


  • Play sports such as football, netball, rugby, hockey or cricket. Find an exercise you enjoy such as dancing or going for a run
  • List all the things you like about yourself