Your journey through Rise

The start of the journey through Rise is at the Navigation Hub. Staff at the Navigation Hub take calls and referrals and then pass these messages onto clinical staff who will make an initial assessment of your needs using the Dimensions Tool. From this assessment clinical staff will be able to understand how your needs can be met by the new model. Our services will then work together to give you the care that meets your specific needs.

More information about the referral process into Rise, can be found here.


You may be asked to complete some questionnaires called Routine Outcome Measures or ROMS before and after your sessions. These questionnaires are designed to ensure that we are helping you the best way we can and will allow you to see the progress you are making. This will help you to decide what to work on.

The questionnaires that you may be asked to complete at each session are:

  • CORS/ORS (at the beginning of the session) – about you.
  • CSRS/SRS (at the end of the session) – how you feel your therapy is going.

The questionnaires that you may be asked to complete at the last session are:

  • SDQ (remind your clinician to give you this questionnaire to complete).
  • Time 2 RCADS - this questionnaire will provide information about you and your treatment.


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