Primary Mental Health Service

What's the role of Primary Mental Health? 

The Primary Mental Health service gives general advice, guidance, consultation and  group training for those who work with children, such as school-linked professionals or social care roles.

We help children and young people who may be displaying signs of emotional distress and emerging mental health difficulties, by working with those around the child, such as teachers, in order to put in place plans to manage issues and stop them becoming more serious.

How do I book a Consultation?

To book a consultation call the Primary Mental Health Team on:

07917 504682 or email if the child or young person lives in Warwickshire. 

What happens during a Consultation?

We can discuss a child or young person anonymously and provide general advice and guidance. Where appropriate, so that we can better support the child/ young person you are consulting about, we may seek your permission to convert the query into a formal referral to the Primary Mental Health Service or other Rise teams.


For more focused work regarding a specific child or young person presenting with mental health difficulties, we can provide consultation work with you, on a professional to professional basis.

In the consultation our Primary Mental Health Worker will use a solution-focused approach to problem solving. We aim to encourage early intervention and prevention by aiding the professionals working directly with the family.

Following a consultation with our Primary Mental Health Worker, you will have clear a plan in place for the next course of action. The aim of our consultations is to better equip professionals to recognise and prevent mental issues developing and, when necessary, manage and reduce existing issues. To do this we work closely with the professional, building a library of resources which can then be implemented to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of the child or young person.

In order to access a consultation with one of our team you are required to submit a referral to the Rise Navigation Hub.

Making a referral

Referrals should be submitted via fax on 024 7696 1579 or via post to the Navigation Hub, Ground Floor, Paybody Building, Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry CV1 4FS. 

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